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CERF Solutions Private Ltd won the Jury Choice Award for the Category ‘Disruptive Innovation Award’ at ELETS BFSI TECH INNOVATION AWARDS 2023 10th February, 2023, Mumbai

Building Trust between Business and Customers by
leveraging Cutting-edge Technology, keeping
Privacy and Security at the Forefront

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Trusted Data Capture and Consent Management

Consent Management Platform

Consent Management Platform (CMP) enables
transparency for the use of cookies and other tracking
technologies on websites and apps.

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Adaptive MFA


Enable Enterprise to define Rules and Policies
for MFA tokens sent via various channels to the end-user.

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Customer Experience

Create an impactful and lasting perception about Brand among Customers

Security and Data Privacy

Secure Customer Interests, Data, and Transactions

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Empowering Enterprises

With New Software And Ideas

CERF is an enterprise arm of Globe Tele Services (GTS) that has a global presence and vast network of over 100 direct carrier connects. It aims to use this vast network and experience in telecom to provide products and services for enterprises globally through its newest venture CERF.
CERF provides customer experience, engagement and security solutions. Our state-of-the-art enterprise grade solutions are highly innovative, reliable, scalable and secured.

Security & Privacy
customer experience
Customer Experience

Enterprise-Grade Products

CERF provides Enterprise-grade products which are into security and customer experience & engagement

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Consent Management Platform

Centralized platform empowers enterprises to collect, manage and document their user consent in compliance with TCCCPR, GDPR and CCPA guidelines

Multi Factor Authentication Platform

Authentication Suite enables time based OTP token generation and validation, OTP token delivery. Ensuring its timely delivery via Multichannel communication in a cost- effective way.

Survey and Feedback

Collect your customer insights where it matters the most in the customer journey, act on their inputs and improve experience with AI backed surveys and feedback.

Smart Infographics

AI powered Infographic platform helping enterprises to create Visual representation of Data in various formats across content types such as Smart .pdf, email, videos etc.

Enterprise Grade Messaging Platform

Enterprise-grade Multi-channel platform enabling secure messaging across SMS, Email, Voice and IP.


Reasons To Count On Us

We are a highly experienced team with more than 100 years of enterprise experience. Our Products are Enterprise grade, highly innovative and helps in building customer trust.

Global Standards

Resilient Framework

Enhanced Security

Improves CX


Main Principles

True SaaS

Highly Secured and Scalable Multi-Tenant platform empowers Enterprises to Authenticate Customers

Enhance Customer Experience

Offerings are with the core objective to measure and improve customer experiences for Enterprises

Ensure Data Security & Privacy

Comply with global and local data security and privacy standards to build trust and reliability.

Technology Innovation

Cutting-edge technology stack backed by Block Chain, AI/ML enabling reliability, resilience and trust.

Global Offerings

Creating offerings for Global Markets in line with International technology, security, service and quality standards.

Product Driven Approach

Identify , Innovate and deliver Enterprise products and strive for product excellence to solve customer problems.


Globe Teleservices(GTS)

GTS, a Singapore-based telecom conglomerate specializing in products and services in the Voice and Messaging domain.

Communication is a key driver of an enterprise's growth. GTS helps build businesses by providing top-notch, new-age telecom solutions across the globe. With our innovative approach, extensive experience, and pioneering technology, we serve all the requirements of the global telecom industry

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