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Blogs - Centralized Consent Management and Multi-Factor Authentication Platform

Rashmi Mishra 15/03/2023

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a layered approach to securing data and applications where a

Prabhat Kumar 15/03/2023

Traditionally, whenever your customers sign in their online accounts they have to prove through

Prabhat Kumar 03/03/2023

The Importance of Privacy in Digital Marketing How many times has an advertisement for

Rashmi Mishra 09/02/2023

Commercial success is established on trusted relationships powered by the data. In the new

Anuj Saxena 09/02/2023

Digital Personal Data Protection Law India: Personal Data Protection Draft Bill 2022 We are

Prabhat Kumar 10/10/2022

CERF’s CONSENTICA provides innovative and trustworthy consumer regulatory compliance and consent management solutions. Our

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