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// CERF’s Consent Management Platform


TCCCPR requirements are pretty complex. So, it is very important to make the consent management configurations very simple. Our state-of-the-art platform has provided extensive features to give enterprises full control of their CMP while achieving compliance and peace of mind.

CERF’s CONSENTICA is a centralized consent management platform that helps enterprises collect, document, and manage consent.

It primarily focuses on 2 areas:

1-Unsolicited Commercial Communication– According to TCCCPR enterprises can only do promotional or service communication through SMS with its customer if it has their consent. Consentica can also collect consent in a single frame for Email and WhatsApp as well.

2-Data Privacy where we have regulations like GDPR in Europe, CCPA, and GOI is also coming up with its data privacy regulations in a couple of months. Consentica addresses these and takes care of compliance requirements. It also helps in improved customer experience and enhances customer trust.

Three modules of the Customer Consent Life Cycle


Listen to your customers for better understanding and credibility at every touch point in an optimized way.

Enterprises can have a consent collection form customized to their brand guidelines, in the language which their customers understand.

Consentica supports the collection of consent at all touchpoints like QR codes, Short URLs, short codes, long codes, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, POS, website, mobile App, etc.

Besides customer consent collection, Consentica also helps enterprises to take their customers’ preferences like types of messages, frequency, language, etc.


Consentica stores consent data centrally in an encrypted format. Blockchain technology is used for maintaining data immutability.

Consentica uses restful APIs that can be integrated with any third-party application for consent.

The Complete customer consent lifecycle is managed, taking care of opt-ins, opt-outs and renewals as per laid regulations


This module takes care of consent propagation by consent scrubbing through APIs and a web application.

The platform acts as a single pane of truth by managing a complete audit trail for every customer.

Consentica delivers a more positive, personalized, and empathetic customer experience with its robust segmentation engine.

It also helps enterprises in effective communication with their customers as per the consent and preference collected. The result in a great customer experience and enhanced customer trust which has become a new and important KPI.

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Whitepaper PDF

Whitepaper PDF